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I really like this idea, but why would someone with an idea go to Unilever? Would the individuals be rewarded in any specific way?

How would they filter these ideas if they have such a huge inflow? What type of constraints would they put on the application process?

On November 14, 2018, Oswald Cobblepot commented on How Additive Manufacturing Can Improve Access to Adequate Housing :

So if you included all the costs that need to happen within the house, then how comparable is it with a normal property? What are some of the means in decreasing costs?

Any idea on the timeline of how far out they are from being able to do this?

Lastly, how logistically realistic is it to move this machine around?

Really cool concept. Do you know if any of the businesses that were thought of continued on afterwards? Because this is a space that truly needs some innovative thinking and adjustments in order for it to truly help the sick and suffering in the addiction community.

On November 14, 2018, Oswald Cobblepot commented on Repair Time Reductions On Submarines Through Additive Manufacturing :

How often are the repairs on a sub some small part that can be easily produced by these type of machines?

Granted I know very little about submarines but aren’t they extremely cramped is there enough room to house another machine and the materials it uses to make new parts?

Are the parts made in a machine like this as durable as the pieces that it is replacing?

On November 14, 2018, Oswald Cobblepot commented on Ellevest: Can machine learning reverse gender biases in investment management? :

I would like to know why women are unsatisfied with current financial offerings?

Also, from personal experience, I worked both for male and female partners at an investment advisor and we had both male and female clients of different ages and points in their lives. I would really like to understand how this platform is actually individualizing its investment strategies towards women that the other robo-advisors or actual advisors couldn’t/don’t do? (other than marketing themselves as a platform for woman investments?)

On November 14, 2018, Oswald Cobblepot commented on It’s Only A Matter Of Time: ML Sets Its Sights On Your Calendar :

-maybe I am misunderstanding this buy how will it be able to tell which of the many events on something like 12Twenty to push to my calendar? Feels like it could be a total logjam? Is it heavy work up front of sorting through things before the machine learning picks up on your tendencies? Also, what would it do if you wanted to attend something that is outside of what the program would view as your normal schedule?
-Are any of the big companies that have calendars doing anything like this and do you think they would let you integrate your program with something like their email services?