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On December 14, 2015, Nikos commented on How does Amazon deliver the best customer experiences? :

Nice piece of work Anh. Thanks! From the videos it seems that the various warehouses differ a lot in terms of automation and technology. So besides delivery, Amazon still has big room for improvement and optimization in its warehouses and internal operations.

Very interesting article, Hyon Bin. Thank you! What percentage of content is curated vs. original? Are users attracted more by the curated content or the original one! My hypothesis would be that curated content would be the horsepower attracting users since there are not many alternatives. What about competition? would you think that PikiCast would be able to maintain its lead should a similar platform enter the market?

On December 14, 2015, Nikos commented on L.L. Bean: One of these days these boots… :

Interesting article Tom, thanks! Any idea regarding the causes of this sudden increase in popularity? Could this be a trend that, if reversed, would leave the company’s recent capex investments under-utilised? Most importantly, how sustainable can the manufactured in the US model be? Could they move they production elsewhere cheaper without compromising too much the brand?