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What a fascinating topic to discuss. I feel like I have been hearing about 3D printing possibilities in construction for years, but it is still yet to be utilized to its full extent. Your question of whether this will be seen as a complement or as a disruptor gets right to the point. Complement seems like a quicker and more cost effective route. But would we be stopping short of the true potential? I look forward to seeing what happens with Winsuns recent deals. Perhaps these will be seen as proof of concept for the entire industry. How exciting!

On November 15, 2018, @NedStark commented on Brooks Running: Personalized Running Shoes for the Mass Market? :

I love this application! I look forward to trying out the product if it is in my price range. I wonder if we should be concerned about the long term health of runners using the shoe. Have there been studies done on how a person’s gait is improved or worsened over time with the custom shoe? While it might make one runner’s posture improve, I worry that for others it may exacerbate issues that they already have.

Looks like I will be having Spotify’s algorithm DJ my wedding. Seriously though, I wonder if there is an opportunity to allow users to provide additional feedback into the algorithm. The only direct feedback I’ve noticed is the thumbs up or thumbs down that you mentioned. Maybe I skip a new song that I like because I just happen to not be in the mood to listen to it. Or alternatively I listen to one one song on repeat because I am hanging out with my cousin who really likes it – am I doomed to listen to similar songs over and over? Is the meta data really enough to truly capture our preferences?

Interesting article on online fraud. I am left wondering if there are new or innovative ways that PayPal can leverage other technologies in addition to machine learning? Could Face ID or thumbprint identification help to authenticate users when they make a purchase? That data point, when used in conjunction with an algorithm could be even more effective at identifying fraud.

Fascinating article. I wonder what other applications this technology could be used for? Could we use these types of decentralized contracts in healthcare between large hospital groups? Alternatively do we run the risk that this system could be used for malicious purposes if it is truly decentralized? I look forward to learning more about how I can use Blockchain Open Innovation in my own life.

On November 15, 2018, @NedStark commented on Open Innovation in the NFL: Player Safety :

The NFL is certainly in a tough spot. They need to protect the safety and health of their players, while making sure that the fans are enjoying the sport at the same time. The fundamental question to me is whether fans will still enjoy the sport if there are not as many violent collisions. You raise good points about the lack of innovation from the NFL’s partners thus far. I can’t help but think that there might be financial incentives to keep large collisions as part of what keeps the sport exciting.