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Interesting post Mapu. Same question as Michael above – can it expand to outside LatAm and can it be replicated by other cos? That’d be interesting given the booming market (globally)!

On December 14, 2015, MRI commented on LinkedIn: Capitalizing on All Value Streams :

Interesting post John, especially the different monetization models compared to FB or any other “Social network”. Would be interesting if they could expand and acquire job search companies or firms like Glassdoor to tie in with professional networks.

On December 10, 2015, MRI commented on IndiGo Airlines – Ready for takeoff! :

Thanks Pedro for reading and your comment. The only difference in RyanAir is that they charge extra for specific bag sizes and make it a totally painful process of getting the passengers to print their ticket, ensure bag size is just correct etc. whereas IndiGo has been fairly consumer friendly, Southwest even more friendlier I think based on my limited experience in flying them in USA. I’ve a feeling that they may continue to operate as a niche rather than consolidation because these low cost airlines are profitable – something which the industry isn’t. Or maybe that depends on the geographies where they operate (I don’t have data on RyanAir, Easyjet and Southwest to comment if it’ll even make sense for them to agree to a consolidation deal with bigger airlines.)

Great post. Looking towards the end of the post, you mention brands like Zara and GAP while the initial parts of the post refer to its unique “HEATTECH” technology. Going by just this technological “advantage” alone, would it not be possible to even compete with brands like North Face, Patagonia and Canada Goose? Especially in particularly cold Boston winters, it might be creating value via its business model for people who might want to invest in winter-wear which is functional and yet not too costly (read: students or students who have taken student loans to pay fees :))