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On December 14, 2015, MR commented on Rent the Runway – Fashionable Operations :

Very interesting post, they have definitely done some cool things in the area of high fashion retail. Seems like they have been hitting a few snags as they look for ways to expand beyond their original model with their everyday wear (as mentioned above) and their attempt at an unlimited subscription business with clothes and accessories. It’s not clear where the next step is for the business and I’m curious to see what they do!

On December 14, 2015, MR commented on Ryanair’s low-cost 30th birthday :

This is so interesting, I had definitely heard about Ryanair’s success but didn’t know all the details of their operating model. The industry is clearly moving in the direction of basic transportation and further away from the luxury model of the past. Ryanair does seem to have taken this model to the extreme and I wonder where the future growth can come from besides simply raising prices on all of the “extras.”

On December 14, 2015, MR commented on Warby Parker: Affordable Fashion That’s Easy to See :

Great post! I agree on the alignment of strategy and think they did a great job of disrupting an otherwise sleepy industry. I do still wonder how much of their success is trend vs sustainable business. For the ultra price conscious consumer, Walmart, Sears and Costco offer lower prices and mostly imitate the same styles, so I don’t really know that in the future they can win on their low price value proposition.