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On December 14, 2015, Michelle Brous commented on GoPro: Hardware Enabled Content for the HERO in All of Us :

Great post, Seanna! The 11% of revenue spend in R&D sounds alarming to me given what seems like low barriers to entry here (seems like any tech hardware competitor could essentially manufacture a similar camera). Also, it’s a shame that GoPro hasn’t created a centralized/dedicated social destination for users to upload and share their content. This content creation could become a huge asset for the company and turn its digital presence into more of a platform.

Cool post! Wondering how strongly the fundamental relationships behind the criteria for the Lenddo Score are? Have you seen any data around correlation between strength of social contacts and # of social media accounts with ability to pay back loans? I know their default rate is quite low but is that mainly related to the “pride factor” that we’ve seen in some of our cases (e.g., Patrimonio Hoy, Caja Espana)?

On December 14, 2015, Michelle Brous commented on Tuft & Needle: Sleep in Heavenly Peace :

Great post! I find it interesting that T&N uses Amazon as an additional distribution channel. Did you ever come across why they chose this (outside of Amazon’s audience reach?) It would be interesting to see the split (or estimate) of orders they’ve received on their O&O site vs. Amazon to get a sense of how strong their brand awareness / customer loyalty is.