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On December 13, 2015, MerblesKeberbles commented on Tesla Motors – A Car Manufacturer with a Difference :

What do you see as the biggest risks to Tesla’s strategy of starting out making luxury cars and gradually releasing cheaper and cheaper models until the average mass consumer is able to afford them (with the Model 3 expected to be the point at which this achieved)? Do you think the Gigafactory solves potential problems by cutting the cost of batteries by 50%, as you say? Could the continuance of cheap oil in the short term severely impact Tesla’s profitability or even challenge its solvency, or do you think Musk is more interested in the long game and is not concerned about his short term prospects?

On December 13, 2015, MerblesKeberbles commented on Moleskine: the “de-commoditization” of the notebook :

Do you feel that the investment in R&D is justified given that paper products make up 93% of Moleskine’s sales, and it is, as you say, an example of decommoditization (which is really just an exercise in creative positioning of an established product)? Is this an attempt to diversify more into digital and away from the massive margins they’re currently enjoying in the paper products line, just in case the winds of the cultural zeitgeist begin to shift over how reasonable it is to buy a $23 notebook?

On December 13, 2015, MerblesKeberbles commented on Blizzard Entertainment: Winner :

As the first company to really nail the MMO concept, Blizzard was able to apply one of their established franchises (Warcraft) to their (at the time) unique and fresh take on the MMO genre. However, a big criticism of Blizzard has been its over-reliance on WoW revenues after so many profitable years, given that gamers have begun to grow weary of MMOs in general.

Do you worry that their real competitive advantage in the last decade was being first to market with a modern MMO? Do you think that they’re too late to the game with HotS, given the number of other popular games in the MOBA space? Do you think Hearthstone can be the profit engine that WoW once was (since admittedly, there are very few, if any major competitors in the online card game space right now?

On December 10, 2015, MerblesKeberbles commented on Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet :

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