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Interesting post, Mark!

I like your idea that the threat of MCX could lower credit card fees. I wonder, similarly, if there have been talks about a price at which other mobile payment solutions like ApplePay would be willing to compensate MCX network companies to introduce their technology. For now it seems that ApplePay doesn’t have the traction to be able to work with them, but it would be interesting to think through other ways they could monetize this alliance. Though it hasn’t been particularly effective for many of the reasons you described, bringing that many powerful retailers together is an accomplishment in and of itself that I’d like for them to be able to capitalize on in some way.

On December 14, 2015, Megan Porter commented on Uber – Reinventing The Taxi Station Operating Model :

Great post, Yael!

One thing that I believe distinguishes Uber from its up-and-coming competitors is its corporate center’s treatment of riders — the service is fantastic. From what I’ve seen of the Center, they are extremely accommodating to refunding rides when there are errors and going to great lengths to answer comments that are left for them. I once left my suitcase in an Uber and had a driver go across the city to return it to me. That is not something you see from competitors, Lyft in particular.

It does similarly make me wonder, though, what else can be done to make customers loyal to Uber vs. other providers. I think the add-ons like UberEats, etc. are interesting, but I think it will have to be something in the core proposition to drive deep preference.

On December 14, 2015, Megan Porter commented on Airbnb : Finding a Home Anywhere :

Nice post, Yvonne.

One thing I wonder about is that some of Airbnb’s price advantage comes from avoiding taxes that other hotels and resorts have to pay. Is this something you think will erode over time? There are also many city concerns, like the ones we saw in San Francisco, about the impact Airbnb can have on a local economy.

Similar to Carol, I also wonder how Airbnb will deal with loyalty, a very hot topic in hotels. Given they do no in-home management to ensure a consistent experience, how can they make sure they are catering to their frequent guests? This may ultimately be too hard a nut to crack and Airbnb may be best suited focusing on leisure travelers who don’t travel frequently enough to gain status with any hotel program.