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On November 13, 2018, Major Payne commented on Using Open Innovation to Solve the Ocean Plastics Problem :

Excellent article! I had never heard of the Plastic Bank before, and am very intrigued by the mechanism by which they are solving the problem. There business model is very unique and creative. I worry that by using blockchain as a source of currency, they are limiting their scope of potential customers. Many people are either unaware or distrustful of cryptocurrencies. I am not sure how exactly they would alternatively create a currency. I am curious to see how this company continues to grow and the effect it will have on the environment and local communities.

On November 13, 2018, Major Payne commented on Wasabi Ginger Potato Chips- Betcha Can’t Have Just One? :

Interesting article! I enjoyed your examination of the trade-offs between crowd sourcing and R&D. While cloud sourcing provides many consumer insight benefits, I think that R&D is a necessary staple of the company. More importantly I think R&D stands to benefit from crowd sourcing. These scientists can use and expand on the ideas that come through resulting in a better product.

On November 13, 2018, Major Payne commented on Can Amazon Use Machine Learning to Take On Fashion? :

Very interesting article! This is a definitely expansion of our GAP case in marketing. I like that you took a more in depth look at the problem. I concur that Amazon will never be a ‘fashion leader’ however the opportunities for fast fashion are significant. I expect that Amazon will take advantage of its massive customer base and develop core products. This will be an interesting storyline to follow!

Very interesting article! I was very surprised that the goal is to ultimately be on par with Whole Foods in terms of quality. It would definitely be a shake up in the current grocery market sector. I also see the benefits that this could bring to developing countries. I think that Walmart will first implement in the US and then expand elsewhere in order to gain market share and control more variables.

On November 13, 2018, Major Payne commented on 3D Printed Cars – The Future of Auto Manufacturing or a Pipe Dream? :

Excellent article! As a BMW owner I find this incredibly intriguing. The cost of BMW parts are exceptionally high and I am curious to know how this would affect future pricing as well as delivery. In addition, I am curious to see if they would exclusively use this technology for BMW’s own shops, likely putting other ‘Mom and Pop’ mechanics out of business. Excellent insights for the progress made and the implications that this could have in the future.

Interesting article! I had no idea how much retail was getting into the 3D printing business. You bring up excellent points about issues with scaling, especially in regards to more personalized products. I am personally on the thought train that this is a marketing ploy. But hey, you have to make yourself stand out somehow!