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Interested to know whether this is more a winner that’s working to drive through a rough patch or a former winner that’s grossly overestimated their abilities. Are delayed synergy capture and personnel issues enough to prevent them from realizing the value promised by the integrated supply chain post merger? Or is this merely a hiccup that requires more patience? Perhaps a committed management team that is learning into its capabilities might still right the course.

On December 8, 2015, #Panda commented on Electronic Arts – the “Evil Empire” regains its groove :

How much of the growth comes organically vs. through acquisition? And what are the largest profit streams, those arising from micro-transactions or subscriptions? Most importantly, is evil empire status really a problem if it has such a large and sticky user base?

On December 8, 2015, #Panda commented on Jardines del Tiempo: Death as a Business :

Interesting post. To me it seems natural for the timeshare and hotel conversations to happen in the same setting. Has the company been able to avoid alienating customers by team members overselling the pre-need? I’d be worried that risk of alienation might prove expensive in the long run if conversion rates are not high, where each non sale is actually a lost customer.