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On December 14, 2015, LRoberge commented on Paperless Post: Design Meets Technology :

Ish – thanks for choosing Paperless Post. I’d have to agree that PP is a cut above its competitors, particularly Evite. I’m going to take the comments above a step further. Do you think PP could take the info they’ve learned from their customer base and expand into event-planning itself? The points were touched on above, but PP probably has great insight into event trends and how its customers are celebrating special moments in their lives. My vote is for them to take these insights and run with them!

On December 14, 2015, LRoberge commented on Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet :

Excellent post – thanks for the interesting read. As an outsider and potential new user, I would agree with your points and comments already made that a website redesign could do a great deal to attract an expanded user base. I’m curious on your thoughts about Reddit experimenting with Do you think this could be the answer to Reddit’s ad problem? It seems as though Upvoted is a better forum for advertisers given that the content is less offensive than some of the subreddits on Reddit. I’d certainly be more inclined to frequent Upvoted and Reddit, and I’m probably pay more attention to the ad’s as well. – very interesting read too!

On December 9, 2015, LRoberge commented on Enterprise Holdings – Three Brands under One Roof! :

Chris – you made the car rental business interesting. Great job! EH seems to benefit tremendously from each of the EH 3 brands, and their integration in the US. When EH thinks of expanding into new markets, how does it evaluate bringing all three brands to market at the same time? It seems difficult to introduce three new brands into a new market from both an investment and customer adoption perspective. Additionally, It was very interesting to learn a bit more about how EH efficiently utilizes and optimizes its car fleet. I was curious to know how its hourly rental business has performed? It seems as though this model could effectively compete against new business models coming to market, such as ZipCar.