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On December 14, 2015, Lior commented on WeWork: How can shared office space be valued at $10bn? :

Interesting post on a great company!
I especially enjoyed the focus you had on forming a community as a key method to creating value. I also agree this is one of their key competitive advantage and am curious to see how they can duplicate this model for other industries – WeLive? WeEat?

On December 14, 2015, Lior commented on HBS – A Business Model Perspective :

Great post! interesting take on the use of “resources”.

Apart from the above mentioned ways to create value, I think one of the key strengths of the model is creating a strong social experience (mainly behind the section dynamic and the diversification of the class). By doing so, apart from the direct value to students, the added value is that it increases the connection students feel toward the school which can later result in higher donations. Therefore, although the main reason for investing in the social aspect is to improve the students’ MBA experience (and potential network), the operating model still manages to create additional value to connect to its business model.


On December 14, 2015, Lior commented on Pixar Animation Studios: Creative Kaizen :

Great post, thanks for sharing!

I’m also a huge Pixar fan and appreciate how they managed to create and sustain such a strong operating model (with clear link to the business model – quality and creativity). We actually tried mimicking this model as we evaluated marketing campaigns in P&G (we formed a community of brain trust and made sure to share campaign progress with the entire team. We also discussed the successes and failures of the process at the end of the campaign). I personally think the idea of using Pixar model to build marketing campaigns is a powerful one, but we lacked full commitment to the process.

Building on that… I was wondering what are your thoughts on using this model for different industries? For example, the pharmaceutical industry would also benefit from high quality “blockbuster” drugs as opposed to “mini-hits”.