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On December 10, 2015, Lily He commented on Slacking Off to Get More Done :

Have you heard anything about their development process? Like, maybe how they iterate on their processes? Does that give them a competitive advantage too?

Really interesting organization. What’s really impressive about Athenahealth is how it’s sustained it’s high growth levels for so long. As they scale, do you know of any innovative hiring practices to make sure they get quality people (in Watertown, MA)? Also, have you seen anything around how their acquisition integrations are going? I’d imagine that is a big operating challenge.

On December 10, 2015, Lily He commented on L.L. Bean: One of these days these boots… :

It’s really interesting to think about the stockouts as a demand strategy. Would this be different if LL Bean didn’t have control over it’s own distribution (ie, ecommerce and it’s own stores)? Do you have any opinions on their unlimited lifetime warranty (I’ve had friends’ parents who have been mailing their boots back to LL Bean to get them resoled for decades!), and how that might be affecting their capacity? And maybe, financial margins?