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On December 9, 2015, Lily commented on FreshDirect: Knowing when to stay in your lane :

Interesting post. To what extent do you think their competitive advantage comes from the business model versus operating model (just-in-time)? I also wonder how they are going to compete with lean logistics and infrastructure going forward after they capture the most dense/desirable urban markets? Will they be forced to invest in warehouses and internalize some of the distribution/operational costs?

On December 9, 2015, Lily commented on Louis Vuitton: Luxury handbags coming off an assembly line? :

Great post, Remi! I am curious, what your view is on their digital merchandising and market customization (store display, selection, branding, etc.) as their customers became younger, more tech-savvy and more international? It also appeared that the production/operating model hasn’t changed that much since its inception (Is there a standard process to improve their operating procedures beyond an one-off redesign like the project in 2005?). Given what we know about the luxury market commoditization today, what part(s) of their operating model do you think contributed to adapting quickly to a changing customer base?

On December 9, 2015, Lily commented on Tesla – Winner winner chicken dinner :

To build on Simeon’s comment, do you think political environment/incentives in the US (driving for electric car adoptions) versus Europe (driving for energy-efficiency) affected business and operational decisions that Telstra made? How do you think Tesla reinvent the historically dealer-heavy commercial distribution model in the industry? Do you think the rise of hybrid cars and energy-efficient cars by established brands would hinder future growth?