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Thanks of sharing, Viria! This is a great insight into OI.

I especially loved the idea of democratizing innovation. However, it seems that these projects could have a long lead time to gather ideas, feedback and multiple product iteration, and this could be a potential risk. This could be a limitation in projects that need a faster turnaround. I’d be curious to understand how IDEO manages projects that need faster turn around. Additionally, incentivizing public to participate and engage in this method could also be a risk when the sample size is relatively small.

On November 15, 2018, KT commented on 3D Printing the Future of Rail at Deutsche Bahn :

This is a great application of AM. Thanks for sharing, Sam.

AM can be beneficial in supply chains that require replacement parts of products over a longer period. Typically, in some supply chains, suppliers have to commit/ are contractually obligate to provide replacement parts over the life of the product or 10 years as the contracts may state. In these situation with long life cycles and unique replacement parts, I wonder if suppliers will choose to invest in 3D printing rather than keeping their older generation equipment under utilized.

This is an interesting and progressive application of 3D printing – thank you for sharing. I agree with you that 3D printing has it’s merits when it comes to resources, cost and time. However, it has it’s drawbacks when it comes to scaling to mass production at low cost. I think Winsun is moving in the right direction by engaging with regulators and partnering with other countries. Re: your question of whether 3D printing will completely disrupt the construction industry or complement existing methods — I think the world would benefit either way. It doesn’t necessarily have to disrupt the industry. By complementing existing processes, it still has huge advantages that could help a number of developing countries. Thanks!

On November 14, 2018, KT commented on Volition: Crowdsourcing Innovation in the Beauty Industry :

This is really interesting – thank you for sharing! By using this approach, Volition should have an edge in penetrating into new markets/ new countries where beauty can mean different things. However, I wonder how they can appropriately incentivize consumers to give feedback when they entire new markets or when they want to launch a completely new product. For new products in existing markets, they could give samples to their “master innovators/ innovators of the month” – which could also be earned media perhaps. It’ll be interesting to see how they expand to new markets solely using this approach – the importance of internal crowdsourcing in new markets may be more crucial than existing markets. Thanks again for sharing, Tasnia!

This is an interesting insight – thanks for sharing! I agree with you that Einstein’ scope may be limited given the human engagement needed in a sales transaction. But I think that’s probably not the intent of Einstein. Einstein is/will be a great complement to the sales team’s efforts so they can prioritize their tasks and focus on strategic initiatives in the long run. Another limitation with Einstein is how it identifies “risks”. As markets change, risks will be “new” and “unknown” — such a situations make human involvement important.
One thing I would like to understand is what’s Einstein data source – is it primarily data input by the sales team or is data from the clients/ customers also incorporated?

On November 12, 2018, KT commented on Pinterest knows what you want before you do :

Great post! I like your recommendation of Pinterest providing consumers with product suggestions that go along with their purchases. But I wonder how Pinterest can compete with Amazon with such features and what Pinterest’ competitive advantage is anymore. In the beginning, Pinterest also served as a social platform where people could share their boards and ideas but with Instagram’ features such as “Like to know it” and linking fashion/ lifestyle blogs, quick links to purchase that can be shared with a much larger follower base, Pinterest needs some innovative features to attract consumers.