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On December 14, 2015, Ko Miyoshi commented on Monetizing Magic: The Disney Way :

Great post Megan!
It’s unbelievable how Disney’s detailed operating model captures the heart of not only children but also adults. I just wanted to mention that Tokyo Disneyland is making a ton of money despite the ticket price being half of Disneyland California, and I think that there are a lot of ways that Disney is capturing the value that it is creating (such as through selling souvenirs, food, drinks etc.).

Great post Rafiq!
Blue Bottle Coffee just opened its first store in Japan, and people are waiting for hours in line to get a cup of coffee. I think this popularity comes from what you mentioned in the article i.e. Blue Bottle being genuine about their value proposition of “deliciousness, hospitality, and sustainability”. Meanwhile, I’m really curious if they will be able to maintain their business and operation model while expanding their stores worldwide, without introducing any kind of process standardization. My guess is that at some point they will have to stop expanding to preserve their culture, if they were to maintain the current business/operation model.

On December 14, 2015, Ko Miyoshi commented on PeekaBOO Pop-up Stores: Spirit Halloween :

Thanks for the write-up Bobby! I’ve never heard of a pop-up store before, and it was interesting to know how the stores operate throughout the year.
I wonder how Spirit’s business model and operation model will change in the future, considering that more and more people are buying halloween costumes on amazon. Do you think that they will try to compete with the e-commerce companies? or partner up with them?