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On December 13, 2015, Kobe Bryant = GOAT commented on #Twitter: A story of #failure :

Thanks for your post Utsav!

Do you think there is an M&A solution to these questions that you have asked and issues that you have raised? Which tech companies out there do you think are the best fits for a business combination with Twitter, how would the combined company look and what benefits might the transaction deliver?

On December 13, 2015, Kobe Bryant = GOAT commented on Jumia: Short term success without long term vision :

Thanks for your post and insight!

Jumia, like a number of other/perhaps a majority of large Nigerian companies, seems to have a great deal of trouble investing in domestic human resources. Do you believe that importing members of the Nigerian and/or African immigrant Diaspora to work in Nigeria/Africa for Jumia helps solve this problem or merely places a bandage over the wound?

Presumably, Jumia has either taken the time to recruit Nigerians educated in Nigeria for senior/relevant positions and found difficulty with this. Should Jumia be held responsible for the educational systems on the ground in Nigeria and its other markets, or is it not doing enough to find “truly local” talent?

Finally, do you think this situation would be different were Jumia backed by Nigerians/Africans, as its largest competitor, Konga (founded by an HBS MBA), is?

On December 13, 2015, Kobe Bryant = GOAT commented on Story of Innovation: How a local Rice Wine became a gift to President Obama? :

Thanks for your post! This is interesting stuff. My only questions in response to your description of the CEO’s move to eliminate the experts from the process, to mass produce sake for the global market and the produce year-round without regard to the weather are: do you believe that quality standards have fallen as a result of this? Do “purists” believe that they have or that they can? How can the company go about satisfying both “purists”/”connoisseurs” and the global consumption market without sending conflicting brand messaging?

More Marketing questions than TOM questions, perhaps, but relevant nonetheless!