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On December 13, 2015, Karl Lagerfeld commented on Stitch Fix: Decoding fashion through analytic :

I love this post Sacha! It is amazing to see how they synthesize human expertise with data analytics (with objectivity) to create a fashion opinion on styling (which is usually subjective). The customer loyalty (repeat order rate and revenue generation) is also impressive. I guess my question would be on the customer acquisition part. Do you have any numbers on their growth in the last four years? How fast do you think they could grow their business through attracting new customers or do you think they should focus on building a loyal following and increase basket sizes from those customers?

On December 13, 2015, Karl Lagerfeld commented on BaubleBar: Redefining How Women Shop for Fashion Jewelry :

Love the post Steph, BaubleBar is definitely one of my favorite fashion/retail startups these days. How scalable do you think their business will be once they move into opening physical stores? Also how sustainable do you think this business/operating model will be (from both business growth and customer loyalty perspectives?)

On December 13, 2015, Karl Lagerfeld commented on Victoria’s Secret to Success :

Interesting post! 1) Where/how do you think they will find growth in the business? (physical retail expansion is slow and expensive) 2) What do you think their reaction will be to the emerging e-commerce competitors in the lingerie industry (such as Adore Me, HBS startup, pure e-commerce player, hired ex VS designer and half the price of VS merchandise)?