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On December 1, 2017, Khush commented on Smart Contracts To Disrupt Energy Trading :

Kyle, I loved your article! It is honestly so well written and such an easy read. One more problem of blockchain I see is that with growing importance of data mining and machine learning to use transactional data for predictive analytics is making this data an asset to a company. I wouldn’t be surprised if soon we see people trading or bidding for this data. Blockchains will make these transactions transparent and publicly viewable, aren’t companies losing out more than just privacy of sensitive data?
Not an expert on this so would love to hear your inputs.

On December 1, 2017, Khush commented on The last dance of Just-in-Time? :

This was quite an interesting article. We are so blinded by the cost benefits that we forget to consider a scenario of unforeseen risks such as an earthquake. I will be curious to know where does one draw the line between hedging a risk such as this (probability of 9% occurrence in 50 years) VS being cost-efficient?

Also, I realized that not only Japan but there are a lot of other major cities which are on the active plate tectonic belt (such as Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco etc.) – and can experience a similar scale of an earthquake in future. Since the damage caused by such an event is unforeseeable and unpredictable how can companies operating in such locations make contingencies to address these issues?

On December 1, 2017, Khush commented on The Effects of Climate Change on Cargill’s Supply Chain :

This was a great read! I really enjoyed reading how the domino effect of climate change affects the food and agribusiness. The concerns you raised towards the end of the article are quite interesting as well; one thing that I am curious to know is have we reached the tipping point of the climate change effect?
i.e. is there ever going to be a point of recovery in this industry? Let’s say we find a way to incentivize companies to be environmentally conscious and even find more tech-savvy ways to address the shortage of food and supplies – but the grave issue still pertains. We have still not addressed the root-cause (I think).
Would love to hear your comments on this!

This was a really insightful article! Amazon has certainly done a great job in making the delivery of its purchased products as quick and as convenient as possible.
But the concern that I have is by doing this is Amazon really answering the efficiency issue or customer service issue? I can see how Amazon is leveraging digitalization to enhance the experience its customers but are they making enough increase in revenue to offset the upfront investments?

On December 1, 2017, Khush commented on How Adidas is Utilizing Industry 4.0 to Reduce Time to Market :

Really interesting article. I do see a huge upside in leveraging 3D printing to reduce the time to adapt to latest fashion but my Biggest concern with using economies of scale to become further cost efficient would be – how do you predict the quantity you are manufacturing with a level of confidence to ensure you don’t over produce and incur the cost of excess unsold inventory. The reason why I think predicting the quantity is difficult because this is fashion we are talking about and we all have seen no one can assure how good a new design or model will do.

On November 30, 2017, Khush commented on Taking Shipping Full Digital with Amazon :

Hey Tim,

Thanks for writing this article. It was quite interesting!
My biggest concern with Amazon Hub and Amazon Key would be customers feeling a threat to their personal security? Can burglary be a concern in this case and if yes, how Is Amazon thinking of addressing this? Can it be addressed securely through IoT?

The second thing is – Has Amazon thought of Delivery through drones? Given that they are using the machine learning to predict customer patterns on purchases.