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On December 13, 2015, Keyur commented on A Family of Companies – Johnson & Johnson :

Interesting you bring that up Akram, J&J for the longest time strictly kept a strategy of decentralization. However, in recent years, especially with the cost pressures facing healthcare, they have found it necessary to attack the “low-hanging fruit” and integrate at a minimum their procurement and logistics channels. I think as they move forward, they will be sure to find new ways to be more effective and efficient with their approach to acquisition. I could see them developing some sort of playbook to apply to a certain situation because they acquire companies so frequently each year.

On December 12, 2015, Keyur commented on Tinder’s Business and Operating Models #ItsAMatch! :

Having been with the same person for over 7 years, I have never used Tinder or other dating apps. However, I’ve always been curious about how they have become so popular. Tinder specifically has taken off and I believe outside of demand for the product, their simple design has been a key to their success. Combine this design with the ease of creating a profile, and I can see why they have such a great adoption rate.

I think they have a huge opportunity to partner with other businesses relating to dating. For example, they could work with 1-800-FLOWERS to offer promotions to buy flowers once two users have matched. Or work with local restaurants to offer suggestions on where to meet. These opportunities could really help scale their revenue stream and overall valuation.

On December 12, 2015, Keyur commented on Strategy&: Delivering Strategy through Execution :

As someone who is recruiting for consulting, I found this post very insightful! In an industry where your brand means everything, I feel as if Strategy& has quite a feat ahead. Being able to compete with the best firms will require years of great performance, which all comes back to talent. Offering the incentive of working at PwC may not cut it. I wonder what other types of incentives Strategy& can offer its employees to lure away the best talent from searching elsewhere.

Awesome overview of the company! I’m currently working with ChefTime for my Field 2 project in Brazil. Their business & operating model mimic Blue Apron. Their pain points at the moment are focused on logistics and customer demand. Seems as though Blue Apron’s focus on establishing an efficient operating model has allowed them to have an effective business model. And people, if the price is right, are attracted to that and willing to give it a shot.

I wonder about how much they spend on logistics. I’m assuming this model required a very large upfront capital investment, which probably deters competitors from entering the market. Blue Apron seems to have “do it yourself” meal delivery service market cornered.