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I thought this was a really well written and laid out. The operating model seems to deliver remarkable value to the consumer, but in a way, it almost seems too good to be true. All of the value that is being created has to cost WB a significant amount, and at the low cost in which it sells its products, I wonder if they are profitable, and if not, how they intend to get there.

It certainly is remarkable what they have been able to do so far in a market that is dominated by one large player.

I thought you did a great job outlining what makes Heady Topper so unique in a space where craft beers are currently all the rage. As you point out, it will be very interesting to see how the company handles expansion without compromising on quality. Additionally, I wonder if they came keep the same cult following that has people lined up out the door for a new shipment, or if the brand loses some of the luster it currently has of being so unique.

On December 14, 2015, Kevin McCallister commented on Xiabu Xiabu – Unique Hot Pot Chain :


I really enjoyed your post and remember fondly my many hot pot experiences in China.

It seems Xiabu Xiabu has really perfected its model and has integrated some of the same concepts that we read about in the Benihana case.

I wonder if they have thought about expanding out of China, as I have often found it difficult to find a quality hot pot experience in the US.

I thought this was a great example of when a company’s business model and operating model are in high degree of alignment and you did a very nice job walking the reader through this.