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On December 12, 2015, juancd56 commented on In-N-Out isn’t your ordinary Fast Food Burger Chain :

It won’t be long before I’m back in California eating some In n Out.

In n Out’s menu simplicity and their success has always made me question why other franchises fall into the trap of expanding their menu items, which leads to reduction in quality, and eventual loss of customers/revenue. What I do wonder is why In n Out hasn’t worked on opening a distribution center on the East Coast and leverage it to move into Boston/NYC. I know they have Tasty Burger here, but I think In n Out would still do well.

Great article. Do you think that if MLB were to adopt this model, they would see more success?

On December 12, 2015, juancd56 commented on Blizzard Entertainment: Winner :

It seems that over the past couple of years, Blizzard has only released content for the PC that connect to Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo in some way or another. Do you think that they have ran out of unique “franchises” from which they came to be known for?