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On November 26, 2017, Jillian Schwiep commented on That’s Off the Chain – AWS Today vs. Decentralized Cloud Storage :

Agree that the major file storage players may be less likely to benefit. A few other thoughts:

– Appreciate the work EFF is doing, but it’s still hard to believe that a 4/5 rating means that our data is safe. Check out https://haveibeenpwned.com/PwnedWebsites

– Imagine two companies competing in a world where Moore’s law holds up longer than expected. Both benefit, but the distributed company’s cost savings will consistently be bigger, which is a risk to the other, centralized player.

– So far, AWS was down for at least 4 hours in 2017. 1-(4/(365*24)) = 99.95433%. Do we trust the 99.9999% figure?

On November 23, 2017, Jillian Schwiep commented on Can blockchain help solve the problem of counterfeit drugs? :

How is the drug marked with a unique code? Is it on the packing, or printed directly on the drug, or is it just the formula that’s identified? Tying physical objects to the blockchain is a serious challenge, because any kind of sensors are subject to tampering and fraud, and blockchain’s immutability can actually be a downside (as you indicated in the error adjustment part of your ending questions).

On November 23, 2017, Jillian Schwiep commented on Hubble Contacts in an Era of Isolationism :

Really interesting to read this right after reading Ryan’s Airbnb/Cuba post – he pointed to entrenchment as the primary solution to isolationist pressures. I wonder whether Hubble is implicitly taking this tact by just continuing to focus on growth. Even so, diversifying their supplier base seems like an excellent recommendation, to the extent that Hubble can find similar manufacturers.

Re: Question 4, I wonder whether Apple can provide a model. I know Apple has dealt with the same supply chains issues and has struggled to really track its Cobalt sourcing, but with its new phone leasing model, Apple can better maintain control over its physical assets, which presumably could help them recycle. Perhaps by adopting a similar model, Tesla could investigate ways to recycle cobalt.

On November 23, 2017, Jillian Schwiep commented on Maersk – reinventing the shipping industry using IoT and blockchain :

How does Maersk deal with risk to sensor fraud / tampering? To me, a big issue with using blockchain technology in physical supply chains is how to ensure reliability – otherwise, why is blockchain superior to other kinds of digitized sensor/tracking tech? Immutability can also be a downside. I know Riddle & Code is investigating this problem, but I’d be curious to hear how Maersk is thinking about it, too!

On November 23, 2017, Jillian Schwiep commented on Never mind the calories, how much CO2 is in your meal? :

It’d be really interesting to see Mahura adopt an IKEA-style model of sustainability, although perhaps that needs to be entrenched earlier in a company’s life cycle. Both companies do have their fates linked to the preservation of a natural resource.

On the other hand, could capital investment or a “Tesla of the sea” movement really solve this problem, or does the responsibility primarily lie with consumers?

On November 23, 2017, Jillian Schwiep commented on Cuba Libre: Airbnb’s Approach to Diplomacy in Cuba :

Is entrenchment enough? It seems like isolationism is unraveling Airbnb’s prospects. What measures could Airbnb take to combat the political risks (e.g. lobbying)?

I’d also be curious to hear a local opinion on the “person-to-person diplomacy” touted by Chesky – Americans tried to export democracy via capitalism to Cuba pre-Revolution; didn’t work out so well.