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On December 14, 2015, JPB commented on Nike: Lapping The Competition :

How is Nike going to compete with Under Armour as they push into international markets?

On December 14, 2015, JPB commented on Microstar: Untapping Growth in Craft Beer :

A post about beer is always interesting, especially craft beer. Is Microstar serving the entire geographic US? I think that Craft Brewers are concentrated in certain cities, like Portland or Boston. How does Microstar leverage their large float inventory with customers on both coasts?

This is a great example of house AH changed their operating model to match their business model. AH moved away from owning the real estate assets, and focused on a way to serve its new customers, their franchisees. AH used the resources from their divestment to ensure their hotels had an online platform and presence to boost occupancy. This moves make AH to less asset heavy and more nimble in the competitive hotel space. Great post!

On December 14, 2015, JPB commented on Yemeksepeti: Operational Excellence in Online Food Ordering :

Even though I can’t understand the language, that commercial was hilarious.
I have some serious doubts about the sustainability of this company’s business model. I see that they have 15 years of outstanding customer service, but their value creation is not very proprietary. The service can easily be replicated by the restaurant or a cheaper competitor. UberRUSH is also looking to enter this space without the need for the restaurant to employ the delivery staff.