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On December 13, 2015, Jonathan Friedlander commented on Reprogramming cells to fight disease: Rewriting the rules of biopharma R&D :

Truly fantastic company (and post), Mike! This technology can be used in so many fields of medicine. If they are successful at delivering their RNAs to specific cells, Moderna might be able to lead the way to personal medicine, which everyone is excited about. They might even be able to touch other applications, such as animal health – just saying. The IF I mentioned is, however, a serious condition: drug delivery has always been a challenge. Do you think it will be a bottleneck? Finally, with gene editing becoming easier than ever (CRISPR), do you think gene therapy is a competitor to RNA therapeutics?

On December 13, 2015, Jonathan Friedlander commented on WeDo Technologies: consistency inside out :

Thanks for this post, Christiana!
As you said it is a niche business, if ever there was one. They seem to have grown very fast and relatively quickly. I was wondering who the competitors were and if there was much space for growth (as you asked yourself in your conclusion). Do you think they can expand? If not, why?

On December 13, 2015, Jonathan Friedlander commented on Warby Parker: The Brand Is The Mojo :

Really good post. Thanks for the insights. My questions are vey much aligned with Mark’s. We chatted in class about the quasi monopoly that a company has on the business, do you think it will respond by lowering its prices? I am sure we are far from a price war but this may contribute to give a little more of the value to the costumer. One more point for WP.

On December 9, 2015, Jonathan Friedlander commented on Fast fashion? Faster distribution! :

Such a lovely read! Thank you. Fast fashion relies on low costs and large volumes as you mentioned. This type of companies (along with GAP and H&M) had a fair amount of backlash when a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh and made very clear that safety measures were not enforced and working conditions were deplorable. Do you think fast fashion and some respect for both the environmental and social standards are compatible?

On December 9, 2015, Jonathan Friedlander commented on Patagonia: Don’t Buy this Jacket :

A really thorough post! I find fascinating how the founder imprinted his vision and care in every aspects of the operating model. Despite what seems to be a flawless account of the company, do you think it is sustainable on the long run and still able to grow?