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What an incredible idea and product. This is something I wish I had for the last five years of my life! I do see Slack being able to expand outside of the core base of engineers and other technical functions but the question in my mind really comes down to adoption. Will large corporations ever consider moving to something like this? For instance, at my old firm, we updated simple programs like Microsoft Office every five years…

Personally, I wonder if this can be integrated into some CRM capability as well. Having helped manage a sales force, anything that makes interaction easier/more efficient between teams or between teams and clients adds a great deal of value.

On December 13, 2015, Jon commented on Tinder’s Business and Operating Models #ItsAMatch! :

I enjoyed this post. Like Keyur, I have never been able to use Tinder or any related “swipe-style” dating apps and thus have found them fascinating from afar. I’m curious to see how Tinder tackles two issues: monetization and scale. As many of the above comments have mentioned, it seems like ads and premium services would deter users and take away from Tinder’s streamlined interface and value proposition based on simplicity.

In terms of scale, Tinder seems to face many of the issues Facebook deals with. Primarily, what happens to the core user base of young people as Tinder becomes more mainstream? Will it be fully adopted by all segments (maybe I’m just hopeful that people my parents’ age are less superficial!)? More importantly, while Tinder may have reached critical mass, it does appear that newer competitors such as Bumble are already taking share.

On December 13, 2015, Jon commented on The Islamic State :

Very creative take on the assignment. As someone interested in understanding how ISIS came into existence and what drove its rapid growth in the region, I found your analysis captured many of the key tenants to the organization. If you haven’t done so already, I would check out the Atlantic’s “What ISIS really wants” — while somewhat controversial, I’ve found it to be the most in-depth and thoughtful article on the subject.