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On December 14, 2015, JM commented on Growing “Organically” in the Vitamins Industry :

Fascinating, thank you Daniel. The non-GMO and organic labels hold a lot of weight with consumers today. How does the company think about the cost of maintaining these labels and the benefit in additional purchases from consumers?

Great post Annie. I love how Jetblue has only one class – it doesn’t make me feel like a second class citizen when I make my way to coach! But a quick question on the introduction of Mint on cross-country travel: does this new dual-class cabin structure disrupt their current model of offering single-class travel to the middle-income American? I’m interested if there will be some sort of pushback from customers and how the company will reply.

On December 14, 2015, JM commented on The IKEA Concept: Furniture for the Masses :

Sorry Andie! I just realized that I was looking at Julia’s post earlier and wrote her name in the comment box by accident.

On December 14, 2015, JM commented on The IKEA Concept: Furniture for the Masses :

Great post Julia! As a customer of Ikea’s I sometimes question their ability to compete in an increasingly online retail world. Given their low cost model, Ikea has under-invested in its online infrastructure.

In trying to purchase items for my Cambridge apartment while in New York, Ikea sent me on a wild goose chase. I wasn’t able to look into the Boston location’s inventory. I wasn’t able to arrange a delivery from that location. And when the items online were stocked out, I was added to the waitlist for a standard bedframe that took 3 months to fill. I was under the impression that all of these issues were resolved in the online retail space years ago!

I don’t mean to vent. I’m just questioning Ikea’s alignment of business+operating model in the world of online purchases. Given their low cost model, I’m not sure if investments into their online presence would align with their business strategy.