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Very interesting operating and business strategy synergies highlighted here!! Urban farming was actually something that my team at Mayor’s Office looked at implementing an urban farming pilot in New York City. It seems like a very impactful technology if costs can be controlled–no need for pesticides and it offers high yields, efficient water usage, etc. Do you have an idea on how the economics compare in Milwuakee?

On December 14, 2015, Jeff_Bryant commented on Solar Mosaic: The Kickstarter of community solar :

Super interesting post Lidiya!! Do you know what the default rates re like on these investments? I’ve heard that with other types of crowdfunded financing models (and even with development-oriented microfinance in emerging markets) that default rates are actually extremely low because borrowers feel a moral obligation to repay loans back to the “community” that offered them credit when traditional banking wouldn’t, even in cases where the projects don’t go as planned.

On December 12, 2015, Jeff_Bryant commented on Tesla Motors – Electrifying the Future :

Really enjoyed your post Brandon, great job laying out all the operating model implications! I had no idea Tesla was developing auto-pilot. I wonder what the impact of the rise of self-driving cars will be on a company like Tesla. It seems like it fundamentally changes the concept of what a car is and perhaps helps some of the diffusion issues with electric cars. People view them as too different and worry about battery safety, range etc. With the added disruption of the self-driving feature perhaps it allows for greater acceptance of a new propulsion technology as well.