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On November 14, 2018, Jeff C commented on Bricks & Code: Open Innovation at LEGO Group :

This is a very interesting read. As one of the mindstorm user, i totally see the appeal to be involve in the development process of the toy. I think the same can be applied to the innovation with electronics screen. Can collaborate with 3rd party developer or offer open source agreement for developers to develop apps with Legos. I could see this has a huge potential.

On November 14, 2018, Jeff C commented on UNICEF: Open innovation to tackle humanitarian crises :

I would argue that open innovation could be use to foster new ideas but I am not sure it is the best approach in the humanitarian crisis situation. In those situations, quick decision needs to be made and also a lot of times, the decision is at high stake, it is either no feasible or dangerous to have tested all the solutions before implemented the final ones. However, if there are two systems within one organization, there might inevitably be culture conflicts.

On November 14, 2018, Jeff C commented on Organovo: bioprinting tissue to speed up drug development :

This is truly a novel technology! I think Organovo is smart to use it for drug testing first before it can be used to replace human organ. I think FDA should definitely plays a more active role there to investigate the efficacy of such method of drug testing. After all, it is a simple gathering of cells without other organ systems.

On November 14, 2018, Jeff C commented on Printing: Speed :

3D printing shoes are very cool. I would see that coming as 3D printing technology becomes cheaper. On the other end of the 3D printing shoes, there needs to have an easy way for a user to scan their feet. I think the new iphones with the dual camera could be a good solution to this problem. Maybe there is an opportunity attacking the problem from this angle as well.

On November 14, 2018, Jeff C commented on Machine Learning for Machines :

I think it definitely will not remove people out of the loop. Fundamentally, human still needs to make the decision as to what materials combination to test with, what material structure to test. This approach can further reduce human supervision but will never replace the role of human in this processes. Thus it is inevitable the direction and objective of the test will still contain human bias and it makes time to scientists to focus on noval ideas and application that requires more creativity.

I think it is a legitimate question to ask GE when they are struggling to cut cost and increase their bottom line. In a lot of companies, development is always regarded as a cost center. However, as the article mentioned, more competitors are going into this field as well, it is a long-term investment to maintain the competitive edge to other companies. The tension here is real and out-sourcing doesnt seem like a good idea since the data could be sensitive to their clients. Moving forward i would put more effort into integrating the newly acquired companies and choose a few focus area to develop the technology.