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On December 8, 2015, Jbogoss commented on Kraft Heinz: Why ketchup makes macaroni & cheese better :

Great post – thanks!
I just wanted to reflect on the sometimes mysterious / lagging reactions of Wall Street in response to what many (including you) are calling a Main Street match made in heaven (to quote our Dollar General guest speaker in FRC today). Indeed, back in July of this year several company analysts had dialed back their estimates for the company’s future earnings ahead of the merger. Similarly, Goldman Sachs had lowered 2015 earnings forecasts for the new company by 5%. Maybe the long-term story is more convincing to investors (as quoted in a recent WSJ article)?

Thanks for covering Disney – so much love for this company the world over!
Regarding its focus on analytics, I wanted to point out some risks that the MyMagic+ (and its MagicBand) represented before launch. (1) Privacy concerns aside, the project could (2) prove a logistical nightmare given the number of park stakeholders wanting to participate, or (3) be rejected by visitors, who might not want technology intruding on such a traditional vacation experience. Finally, (4) its price could be prohibitive, since estimates for the MagicBand pegged it at close to $35, i.e. 87,000% more expensive than the 4-cent paper tickets Disney had historically relied on. This is not to say that implementing this was not beneficial, however, since as you point out the individual guest’s data is extremely valuable to Disney.

On December 6, 2015, Jbogoss commented on Eventbrite: A foolproof service for the event-organizing layman :

Great post! As Eventbrite sets up to tackle the big fish in ticket (re-)sale, such as TicketMaster, it will likely rely on an increasing number of functionalities and/or strategic partnerships. Could Eventbrite seek to (1) offer ticket re-sale on its platform (surely, this functionality would suit more than just HBS students!) or (2) partner with one of these players, such that the re-sale of existing tickets could be facilitated on their platform instead (clearly, some value would be left on the table for Eventbrite in this case)?