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On December 14, 2015, Jay Kumar commented on Bear Stearns: Gone in 60 Seconds :

Thanks for writing, Alex. For those at Bear-Stearns before the crash who saw and understood this divide, what was their rationalization – to themselves or to coworkers? Was it in the vein of ‘everyone else is doing it/something similar,’ or was there a more nuanced – albeit wrong – defense in their minds?

On December 14, 2015, Jay Kumar commented on World Bank Group: Reform Without Change :

Very nice analysis, Nick – thanks for writing. Is there any available detail somewhere on what management at WBG think of these issues? Beyond that, have any more effective restructuring models been proposed or are there any that would allow the leadership to effectively manage such a massive organization?

The alignment between the business model – and the target market – with the service offerings provided paints a very powerful picture. While we may be living during the rise of a future landscape-transforming juggernaut, it is curious to me that you don’t hear of many others succeeding with a similar strategy. Is this because it is too early for imitators to have developed, is it a space where the first-mover advantage is particularly strong (To Kie’s point above), or is there another factor at play? Or, is there indeed a wealth of similar new companies that exist and succeed but don’t make headlines or Facebook advertisements?