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On December 14, 2015, Jay commented on Zara: a Retailing Force to Be Reckoned With :

Zara has absolutely mastered fast fashion. This was a fun read! I am most surprised by how they continue to attract young people across the world and across economic lines. I’ve seen affluent and middle income friends and acquaintances shopping at or talking about Zara. Loved reading about how they do this, particularly the JIT process which imbibes change as a part of it. I also imagine that this constant inventory shuffle means there is not much stress of huge leftover inventories at season end, since seasons for Zara are one rolling list of new items.

On December 14, 2015, Jay commented on Whole Foods Market: Healthy Products with a Healthy Profit :

Great read Terrance. Love your exhibits/attachments. Whole foods is at the forefront of a pan-national “go healthier” culture in America today. I do wonder though, how healthy the things they sell really are. I’m a reasonably sophisticated consumer and notice that a lot of basic supermarket items are also on shelves at Whole Foods, with a small premium. This strategy seems to be working so far but I think it is ripe for disruption.

My post was on Chipotle which has some loosely similar values. It seems to be seeing some issues because of isolated health scares, I think Whole foods may have to deal with similar problems at some point in its life.

On December 14, 2015, Jay commented on Domino’s India – 30 min or free..creating the market :

Amazing. Avid Dominos eater in India (it’s way better than here) and investor in Jubilant! I’ve always used the phone, I wonder if the website based is as good as in America. Also, do they have an app? I imagine it would be pretty easy to integrate, and absolutely necessary particularly an Android based one. I can personally attest to scores of on-time deliveries and shouting at the scooter-riding “Dominos-walas” all over Bombay.

I completely agree that the 30 minute delivery is a winner. This was the first real home delivery option in India, and now even though there are other options nothing beats the brand, convenience and comfort of Dominos.