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On December 14, 2015, Janiki commented on Under Armour :

It seems interesting that Under Armour chose to focus on women’s sportwear instead of both genders. I wonder why they chose to do so, and how other brands focused on women (e.g. Lululemon and Fabletics) have affected Under Armour’s success.

On December 14, 2015, Janiki commented on Rocket Internet – a copycat business model :

Markus – thanks for sharing. I’ve heard about Rocket several times, but didn’t know their underlying business model. I’d be curious how frequently culture impacts the success between the central (German) and local teams. For example, the pace of work in Latam is typically slower than that of Germany. Furthermore, it sounds like each local team could be working together for the first time whereas the IT teams have had repeated success and become efficient at their tasks. Are local teams able to match the efficiency of the central team?

On December 14, 2015, Janiki commented on Inditex, king of fast fashion :

Rachel – That’s an interesting point. The main downside I see to focusing more on online is that Inditex brands gather intel on customer preferences through interactions between store employees and customers in the physical stores, which influences the next batch of designs released. In the online world, it may be harder to get preferences right when changing in the fast fashion world.

Nico – How is Inditex able to get merchandise from distribution centers in Spain to Asia and America in 2 days without having high supply chain costs? Did they consider opening separate manufacturing and design centers closer to each geographic region in order to keep shipping costs lower and cater to customer preferences in each region?