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One dimension/capability you didn’t mention was landing slots. I understand for British Airways that their landing slots are their most valuable asset. Is the same also true for SIA? I imagine that their large share of landing slots at Changi airport is a huge competitive advantage as it provides a gateway hub to many cities in Asia. I wonder what percentage of SIA’s traffic is driven by connections through Singapore to the rest of Asia and how this contributes to SIA’s success.

On December 14, 2015, James T commented on Rio Tinto: supplying raw materials for the world :


I wonder if the other key capability that Rio may possess is actually M&A? Key to the success of major mining companies is their ability to achieve scale and acquire assets through effective bidding strategy and integration capabilities. Then all the points you mention above come into play to operate the assets most effectively.

Matt, in your article you underline that you’re not claiming that Bain is necessarily a winner verses other consultancies. However, this is an industry in which we’ve seen a lot of consolidation recently with the acquisition by the Big 4 of Monitor, Booz & Co, etc

Why do you think Bain has been successful in this industry? Have they just out-performed competition on these metrics? Been better at attracting and retaining top talent, codifying IP or structuring in a more effective way? Or is there some other factor (scale or strong client relationships) that set Bain apart?