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On December 14, 2015, James Light commented on Paddle8 – Shaking up the auction world :

Thanks Chrislisl, I had never heard of Paddle8 but I think online art sales is a really interesting business. A high school friend of mine founded a competitor (Artsy – I would say their angle is to be the Pandora of art). Lots of excitement in this field, and I think it will ultimately move online, but it seems to me the movement has been really slow. Definitely a field to watch.

On December 14, 2015, James Light commented on GameStop: Learning from Blockbuster :

Thanks Gonzalo, this is really interesting. I had always thought that Gamestop / Gamefly would ultimately play out exactly like Blockbuster / Netflix, but this doesn’t seem to have happened. Trade-ins seem helpful, but isn’t all that different from Blockbuster’s business model. It sounds like the difference may be the in store experience, and thus value creation, is different between game stores and movie stores.

On December 14, 2015, James Light commented on Everlane: Building a Business on Radical Transparency :

I am also curious about their batch sizes. I have purchased t shirts a few times from Everlane and found the pirce/quality to be what I was looking for (they are definitely soft and last for the price point), but I noticed variability in size and fit relative to the shirt I had originally tried on. I see this as a general issue for clothing manufacturers that are moving strictly online, as I am relying more on previous experiences of products when I’m purchasing something I can’t see or feel until its delivered.