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On December 15, 2015, James commented on Delta Air Lines :

Hey Bryce,

The reason they have avoided unionization is that the majority of flight attendants don’t want it. They have better pay and hours under their current structure and life would actually get worse for them if they were to unionize. I know some people at the flight operations center and a bunch of flight attendants that are also sources for this post, but I wasn’t sure how it would be perceived.


On December 7, 2015, James commented on Allen Edmonds: An American Revolution :

I couldn’t agree more that they should stick with shoes and maybe branch out into accessories like belts but stop there. Clothing is very difficult to break into and maintain an edge in as you have pointed out. Also, I love the Kanye West tag. Classic.

On December 7, 2015, James commented on #Twitter: A story of #failure :

I love this write up, Utsav. You nailed it! I have never been a fan of Twitter and always wondered how they would scale and monetize the operation. To your point, it definitely hasn’t. I agree with Markus that the barrier to entry is high and they have never addressed the many issue you point out.

On December 7, 2015, James commented on Warby Parker – making eyewear accessible :


I also wonder about their margins overall and the impact of the brick & mortar stores. Additionally, trying glasses on at home doesn’t really alleviate the fit issue. Glasses have the different variables of adjusting the ear pieces, nose pads, etc. to get a custom fit for an individual face which is what an optician does at the boutiques where high end glasses are sold. I wonder how they will address this issue and if the high-end boutiques care that they exist as it seems to be a different customer segment.

Despite their success, I will still stick to buying my sunglasses from my sketchy guy a few blocks from Times Square.

Great write up, Theresa!