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On December 14, 2015, Jacky Kwong commented on Dafen Village: Factory of Fine Art :

Great post Tina! It is remarkable the scale and market share Dafen has been able to achieve. How much training do workers receive or do they have some level of artistic skill prior to joining? With global demand for art growing, are there concerns that there will not be enough labor available to scale up as much and as quickly in the future?

A 20-30% of original artwork seems significant to me. How has the operating model changed to produce those pieces? Is there a desire to shift towards more original art in the future?

On December 14, 2015, Jacky Kwong commented on Illinois Tool Works: Extreme Decentralization :

Very interesting post Jon. You highlighted a key component of operating models which we do not discuss as frequently, which is the governance structure of these companies. I can see how having the seven different divisions allow them to be more entrepreneurial but how do they balance the need for innovation with the benefits that greater centralization can bring? What is the communication among divisions? I can imagine an innovative product with potential that might not be developed further if it does not fit with the core business of a division or does not immediately fulfill the 80/20 focus.

The emphasis on localization for both production as well as designing for customer needs is also very intriguing. What is the quality control process like and what is the role of the central organization? I am curious to learn more about the recent changes they made to realign the business and operating models.

Great post HB! It was very interesting to read about how PikiCast seized on what made it unique in the marketplace, and evolved its operating model as it shifted from curating to content generation. Moving forward, is competition from the existing media content creators going to be an issue? What happens to PikiCast’s operating model if these other companies decide to stop allowing PikiCast to use their work?

I also found the indirect ad model of value extraction to be very intriguing. Are users aware that these reviews/posts are supported by sponsors? Are there concerns over the objectivity of such content?