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On December 13, 2015, jhu commented on Wawa: Rethinking the Convenience Store Experience :

Never have I ever been happy about being in a gas station convenience store. I’m excited to stop at Wawa on my next east coast road trip. Do they plan to expand west? I also wonder if they’ve considered expanding into electric car charging. From the description above, I could see people happily waiting inside for 30 minutes for their car to charge!

Such an interesting problem! Beijing’s RED alert this week is a reminder of how important public transportation is in the efforts to curb climate change and pollution. However for me, the benefits of UberX often win against the inconveniences of the T (a 15 min. walk away, the potential of delays, plus $2.10). How can we make public transportation more appealing, especially to younger generations?

On December 13, 2015, jhu commented on Maple: A Restaurant without a Restaurant :

I would love for this to come to the food desert that is HBS. What challenges arise when expanding to new cities? I’ve used similar services in San Francisco, such as Sprig and Spoonrocket. Does it make sense for any of these companies to have a national presence? What will it take to win in the long run?