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Oh wow, how interesting! I love it! I wonder if they can scale their business model to hire outside the software industry, for example consulting. Case interviews aren’t so different from software code, but the challenge will be to judge their interpersonal and communication skills. The other aspect of recruiting I find inefficient and inconsistent is resume filtering. Often they’re filtered by one / two people and run the risk of unconscious bias. Some level of automation would help to deliver more consistent outcomes.

On December 14, 2015, Ishan commented on Wherever You Shop, Nordstrom Delivers on Customer Service :

Nordstrom seems to be the epitome of customer centricity, it’s pretty incredible! Have never shopped there myself but have worked for companies that continue to invest in customer centricity. They’re investing hundreds of millions in customer data, and predictive behaviours. I do wonder if Nordstrom invests equally in customer data, or whether their operating model is suited to personal relationships and not institutional relationships. Thanks!

On December 14, 2015, Ishan commented on Azimo – The Future of Remittances :

Awesome! My personal interest in this is that Nepal has 40% of it’s national income derived from remittance. If Azimo make’s it more efficient that would be a boon for the whole nation. I think one advantage of this is the potential to minimize corruption and bribery, and streamline the whole process. It might be difficult to transition the older demographic – the typical recipients of remittance – onto online platforms and so the F2F channel is critical.