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On December 14, 2015, Hailey Sarage commented on Trois Mec. Stirring the Pot in Fine Dining. :

Thanks Anna Marie! I do think this could be replicated with other, lessor known chefs, especially the up-and-coming sous chefs who want to showcase their talents and create a brand name for themselves. Ticket prices may have to be adjusted based on the chef but I think people today are always up for new, exciting dishes delivered by creative chefs.

On December 14, 2015, Hailey Sarage commented on Now That’s one Tough Mudder… :

Great post, Cam! It’s hard to believe that Tough Mudder grew into a $100 million business out of $20,000. While I have never done Tough Mudder myself, everyone I know who has done it has absolutely loved it. I am always extremely fascinated by companies that achieve a cult-following, such as Tough Mudder.

I have a few questions around retention of customers and further monetization of the offering. How many courses does an average Tough Mudder contestant complete in a year? Can the company start offering studio or group exercise classes to further the brand name, capture customers for a longer period of time, or maybe even reduce injury risk by making sure contestants are fit enough to complete the course? Has the company partnered with sponsors for advertising revenue? What other ways can the company generate revenue, engage customers and become sustainable over the long term? With the cult following the business currently has, I think the company has a lot to leverage in its next phase of growth.

On December 14, 2015, Hailey Sarage commented on Chipotle: How non-real Mexican food became so successful :

Great post, Raf!

The business and operating models at Chipotle clearly align. But I can’t help but think that there has to be something else Chipotle has that others can’t replicate. I constantly ask myself: Why is Chipotle so successful? I remember reading that the first Chipotle restaurant was started so that the founder could save up enough money to start a fine dining restaurant given his training. Did this add to the intitial success of the restaurant? Will Chipotle’s other concepts, including ShopHouse and Pizzera Locale, be as successful as the Chipotle banner? Is it something about Mexican ingredients? Is it something about burritos? What “secret sauce” does Chipotle add to its business or operating model that makes the company a winner?

On December 14, 2015, Hailey Sarage commented on ClassPass: Bringing Boutique Fitness to the Average Yuppie :

Great post, Caitlin! ClassPass has really taken off given the growth in studio and group exercise classes. The company was able to ride this new fitness wave without significant upfront capital expenditures that new gyms have to incur. I wonder though how the company is dealing with the churn issue when existing ClassPass users find a studio or a workout that she or he really prefers. The other question I have is whether certain group exercise studios will start to partner with other types of studios and cut out ClassPass entirely. Further, what will happen if studios start to do online gym classes that people can join from home? Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for ClassPass!