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On December 13, 2015, Gil commented on Capital One: Aligning the organization through data :

Hi Sofia,

Thank you for sharing. Being new to the US and the credit space, it is interesting to get a sense of what differentiates one credit provider from the others. While the information excessive credit score is quite unique to the US, it is interesting to learn that credit providers are not limiting themselves to the more general credit scores and are looking for additional data sources to assess the risk of allowing specific customers with a line of credit.

Would love to get a better understanding of how they compute one’s risk….

Thanks again!

Silvan, thanks for this window into a unique and interesting restaurant!

I tend to agree with Nkem with regard to worrying about the experience of a Michelin starred restaurant being so streamlined. That said, I would assume they usually are, just not “in your face”. It is true that Michelin starred restaurants put top quality on the business cards, but they still are very well oiled machines, optimized, and professional. I would assume the pre-cut Carpaccio would be made so just shortly before service starts, as they must work on a tight schedule, with no room for mistakes, even more so when the kitchen is open to dining public.

It’s a shame that the behind the scenes of these restaurants remains that way, I would have loved to take a peak into the preparation model and how they think of their constraints.

Thanks again!

Hi Hoachen,

I completely understand your reservations about FIFA’s non-profit nature. I felt exactly the same going into this post and then I started reading some more. I believe FIFA is a non-profit by nature and think that it did have a considerable positive effect on the world of Football and assisted weaker communities to establish Football which provides many kids around the world with a mission and something to hope for, and furthermore, with a pass time that can keep them away from less desirable endeavors.

That said, I believe there are quite a few (not to say plenty..) of rotten apples in this organization. Due to lack of regulations, or any real jurisdiction over it by external factors, these people at the helm have taken advantage on this very lucrative segment and stuffed their own pockets. I hope that now that it is being scrutinized, it’ll be much more focused on the good rather than the sketchy…

Thanks for commenting!

On December 13, 2015, Gil commented on Bose: A Better Business, Through Research :

Thanks James!

I loved the article and it’s definitely a fascinating insight into the Bose operational model and the culture and values behind it. While I personally love the brand as well, and find its innovation a driver for purchase, I can’t help but wonder how much does the brand suffer by the recent introductions of new brands into the headphones space. Beats and Skullcandy have made headphones “cool” again, are considered, in some cases, superior in terms of quality, and at times are sold at a higher price point.

It will be interesting if Bose, who have been known for clean design and superior technology will invest more in innovative and attractive design to increase their market share on the expense of innovative technologies.

Awesome post!