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On December 14, 2015, ghong commented on Xiaomi: China’s Threat to Apple and Samsung :

Thanks for your feedback, Luna! Based on the quote of their global VP, “We are an internet and a software company much more than … a hardware company.” I think strategically Xiaomi has been always prioritizing its customized OS. As MIUI runs on the open-source android system, it encourages developers from all backgrounds to contribute to its platform. I think the more users it attracts, the more momentum it’s building to promote innovation.

On December 14, 2015, ghong commented on Chipotle: The birth of the fast-casual concept :

Hi Luli, great post! It was very interesting to look at Chipotle through the lens of TOM. I can’t help to be reminded about one of our first cases – Benihana. By preparing the food in front of people, it not only shows the commitment the companies are making in food quality, but also attracts customers attention during the entire prepping process. By assigning specific tasks to employees and offering a simple menu, it optimizes cycle time and throughput time. I would love to know more about the business model of Chipotle. In addition to food quality, what are some other differentiating factors that contributed to its customer acquisition and high growth? How has Chipotle been responding to competitions?

On December 14, 2015, ghong commented on Warby Parker: The Unicorn in Hipster Glasses :

Thanks for a great post, Julia! As more and more businesses have been shifting their focus onto e-commerce, I couldn’t help to wonder in addition to create a user-friendly website, what else could companies do to differentiate themselves? As a customer of Warby Parker’s, I was pleasantly surprised by its ‘Home Try-On’ program and the web applications that helps convert browsers to customers. I think Warby Parker was one of the few retailers that successfully implemented an omni-channel strategy. It truly provides a consistent customer experience across in store, online and digital channels.

However, I’m interested in finding out as the market barrier to entry is rather low, how Warby Parker is preparing to address the rising competitions who operate on a similar model and offer an even lower price.

On December 14, 2015, ghong commented on LinkedIn: Connecting Professionals to their Dream Jobs :

Thanks for a great post on LinkedIn! In our recent Facebook case, we learned that how a company can create value through connecting people and monetizing through the information/insights they gained during the process. In my opinion, the information/data LinkedIn is driving and collecting is far more meaningful and possesses higher potential than Facebook’s. LinkedIn is connecting people who are already business savvy. It can easily expand its service into helping users forge partnerships, improving corporate communities, designing corporate training, etc., or possibly creating a solution for sales forces. It was smart to prioritize the investments/acquisitions on Bizo and Lynda. Bizo would help improve the revenue stream from advertising (similar to how Facebook makes money). Lynda taps into the education industry, and directly channels future users to LinkedIn. I think with the right execution, LinkedIn will have a long and healthy path ahead.