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Great post! I totally agree that Nordstrom does a great job in creating great customer experience, I believe that its approach to innovation plays a fundamental role in creating this. In fact, they have their own innovation department that act as a start-up within the company: Nordstrom Innovation Labs, that continuously work in bringing the latest technology into the table and create the best overall experience for its consumers. Early this year employees in this department had been assign specially to the consumer experience center, again recognizing the importance of innovation to deliver the best value proposition to its customers.
Moreover, the approach that they take inside the innovation lab is very interesting as they work in 1-week project where in only 7 days they find a way to prove the idea and see if it makes sense to pursue it or not. They use this approach in order to get direct customer feedback and create a product that only adds value to its consumer.

On December 13, 2015, Florencia Muther commented on Zara: disrupting the fashion industry :

Great post! What impress me the most about their operating model is the importance of customer feedback and how they realized the importance of big data. Customers play a key role in determining which are the next trends. Zara invest a lot of energy in actually determine what items do their consumer wants by recording customer reactions in the stores or even recording the feedback that they give to the store staff. This type of information is reported to the headquarters on a daily basis, so the in-house designers can develop their new designs and the correct merchandise can be delivered the stores. Moreover, this effect is amplified if you consider their presence worldwide and the amount of information points they have.

On December 13, 2015, Florencia Muther commented on Chipotle: How non-real Mexican food became so successful :

What surprises me the most about Chipotle is how good they were able to tie their operating model to reflect the latest market trends and to create value for their consumer. I believe they are doing a tremendous job in keeping up with market, however, the competition is still growing and with new entrants expanding their value proposition for consumers (healthy food + comfortable seating area for example), makes me think how Chipotle will be able to keep differentiating from its competitors and whether they will be able to adjust their operating model to keep bringing one of a kind consumer experience.