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On December 14, 2015, Etienne commented on IKEA: World’s Most Successful Furniture Retailer :

super well written Kevin. These guys have truly revolutionized an industry. It’s quite impressive to see the level of planning and operational excellence here. From the in-store experience to the actual assembling of the furniture, every little detail has been thought through and optimized for an optimized experience for customers.

And people love it! Have you ever been able to park anywhere but in the furthest possible spot at IKEA on a Saturday? Just a testament to how well these guys have it figured out

On December 14, 2015, Etienne commented on GNC – Supplementation Gone Wrong :

I’m a huge fan of seeing stuborn giants refuse to adapt to technology and completely collapse to more nimble, innovative companies (you should a have read through the Uber piece, I heard it was REALLY good). This is a great example of that.

You hit all the right points, but on top of all these things, I still feel it’s quite intimidating to walk into some GNC stores because of the people they choose to hire in stores. A majority of the employees in Montreal were body-builders about twice the size of any other human being making it scary for me to walk in there as an 18 year old looking to start hitting the gym.

And as you said, this is the perfect product for e-commerce which is exactly what I started doing back in the days!

On December 14, 2015, Etienne commented on PICARD, French gastronomy everyday for everyone! :

J’adore Picard ! Great pick for this assignment. I remember when I was younger how excited I was to go to Picard with my mom and look at all the delicious looking pictures of food and just picking meals that I thought looked good. I guess you can’t play-down in the in-store experience, I’d never thought about it, but they’ve created quite a neat shopping experience. Without realizing it, I think the organization and clear and clean environment already played to my OCD at a young age!

Would love to see them expand outside of France as I guess they’ve started doing. they are keeping it modest with neighbooring countries because I imagine the supply chain logistics and appealing “innovative” meals will be very country specific.