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On December 15, 2015, ES commented on Helijia- The World’s Largest Roving Nail Salon :

Thanks for the questions, Bernardo!
Safety is a valid concern and also the biggest barrier for new customer acquisition. They tackle it in two ways. (1) Helijia allows customers to set the location to anywhere: parks, office buildings, restaurants, as long as it is appropriate and legal. So many working professionally actually invite the manicurist to come to their office lounges and work there. (2) They use GPS location to track all of their manicurists.

In terms of other products, I have not personally used them but I would assume that they give out a standardized kit for each service. They have higher-than-average standards in terms of disposable supplies they use. So my guess is that they have a standardized kit and might allow stylists to add on their own gadgets.

Yes, I have booked manicure and pedicure multiple times with them while living in China. Would love to chat in person.

On December 15, 2015, ES commented on Soylent – Winning your heart with your stomach :

Do you think their business and operating model is sustainable in the long term? What is the barrier to entry in the industry and how would Soylent maintain its competitive advantage in the long run?

On December 15, 2015, ES commented on Aravind Eye-Care System – McDonaldization of Eye-Care :

This is amazing! How does Aravind identify non-paying customers from its paying customers? And how does it prevent fraud (customers who should be paying but pretending to be low-income?) Is it a big concern, and why?

On December 14, 2015, ES commented on Xiabu Xiabu – Unique Hot Pot Chain :

How do you compare Xiabu’s operating model with Haidilao’s? How do they compare in price point, and how do you explain the difference? Do you think their business model is sustainable?