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On December 14, 2015, Emily commented on Why WeWork works so well :

Great post – and this has given me even more reason to admire WeWork! I agree with your point on facilities. Having visited several WeWork locations myself, I’ve seen just how thoughtful and creative the design teams are in constructing the work spaces. This has been a strong point of differentiation and allowed them to capitalize on the growing desire for flexible, livable, aesthetically-pleasing work spaces. In a way, WeWork is pioneering a revolution of corporate America’s bleak white-walled office culture. Interestingly, this doesn’t necessarily leave the corporate companies behind though. WeWork Boston has several rooms that are actually held by Boston-based insurance companies that do have their own buildings in the city. These companies see the value in having access to WeWork’s colorful spaces for employee satisfaction, and also to the WeWork community events for client relations and recruiting purposes. WeWork is an even more interesting company when we consider that it is a startup for the sake of other startups. This concept is the result of the recent eruption of startups – a true snowball effect and proof that these cultural trends are here to stay and can create even more business!

Great company! I actually haven’t had any personal experience with Bonobos, so this was a great opportunity for me to learn what all the buzz is about. Very unique business model. I like how they position themselves at the intersection of utility and style – and I can see how this is a winning formula with males. With fashion being such a volatile industry though, I would be curious to see if this business/operating model is so effective in this exact context though, if it will be sustainable and adaptable. Is the Bonobos merchandising team the true superstar here? Regardless, it’s impressive what they’ve created and how they’ve revolutionized male shopping in this way!