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On December 14, 2015, Elizabeth D. commented on Employees and Community at Shake Shack :

Really interesting post! I very much enjoyed how the philosophy puts employees first even before customers. The recognition that to create a sustainable business model and build a loyal customer base requires the commitment and dedication of employees is something that not many organizations realize. By putting this first, Shack Shake is uniquely able to scale. I did not realize the extent of their incentive structure, its reinforcement of non-monetary goals, and its commitment to providing health insurance and 401 (k) to employees that fail to meet the requirements in other organizations. Together this creates a specialized experience that maintains a high level of quality across locations farther differentiating Shake Shack from other burger shops. Moreover, I was very interested to see the collaboration with neighbors and local producers in their expansion into Philadelphia and I am curious to see how they have applied this in expanding to other areas.

On December 14, 2015, Elizabeth D. commented on Peloton: Breaking Away from the Pack :

Awesome read! As a spinning enthusiast and SoulCycle regular, I found this post to be particularly intriguing especially now that I no longer live within a 10 minute walk of a SoulCycle location. The ability to deliver that experience at home offers a significant opportunity to expand beyond major cities faster than an actual studio due to the lower cost of scaling. I am curious though about the target customers given that part of the SoulCycle and Flywheel appeal is the community aspect which is somewhat lost in this experience despite the video chat feature. Are you aware of any plans to create additional studios or to add to the community aspects?

On December 14, 2015, Elizabeth D. commented on The Ultimate House of Luxury :

Great post! It is was interesting to hear about the alignment between the collection story and the design of the fashion show. I did not realize that CHANEL ensures quality by integrating with producers. Has it done this with any producers other than Barrie’s? I would be curious if the company also restricts production quantity to add to the allure of the luxury status. Staying true to brand heritage is key for luxury retailers and the manner in which CHANEL has maintained this in the digital world is remarkable.