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On December 14, 2015, Elena Del Real commented on Paperless Post: Design Meets Technology :

I’m curious what they are doing with the data they collect on users if they aren’t making it available to 3rd parties.

I also think Freemium models can be tricky. I’m surprised that 25% of users convert to the paid option given that one of the big value-adds is a digital envelope. I’m wondering what they could do to increase this number even more and how they can attract more users at the top of the funnel. As LR mentioned, there seem to be many other options available to accomplish the same goal.

On December 14, 2015, Elena Del Real commented on Rent the Runway: A Successful Fashion Forward Business :

Since I wrote about RTR as well, I felt like I should comment! Great post! I’m curious what you think about the challenges RTR has had finding skilled spotters. It seems that spotters are crucial to turn around dresses efficiently, but that the skill set is rare. I wonder if there is anything they could do to either automate this process more or fill their pipeline with more talent.

On December 14, 2015, Elena Del Real commented on Blue Apron and the Race to Innovate Dinner :

I love Blue Apron! I’m hungry just thinking about it. I’m curious though, as they attract more customers, how their operations will scale, If they already have contracts with 100+ local farmers, it seems that it may be a slight logistical challenge to scale up even further.