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On December 13, 2015, E commented on Comex, a pool of paint. :

Very interesting technical innovation to serve an operational need. I wonder if there is an impact on perceived quality or consistency and how easy this would be for other companies to replicate. Models like these lend credibility to innovations like the 3-D make up printer we read about in marketing. Perhaps we will see many more delayed differentiation concepts in the near future!

On December 13, 2015, E commented on Tuft & Needle: Sleep in Heavenly Peace :

Great post and interesting question you posed about the Company’s future with a brick-and-mortar presence. I wonder if the current online only model protects it from direct comparison to Sleep Train, Sleepy’s, and other traditional retailers. So many customers have had a poor experience that they may turn to Tuft & Needle out of spite. Their expectations for service and quality may therefore be lower. Regardless, it’s an awesome entry strategy to disrupt a scorned industry and from which to continue investing in factors customers care about. I will definitely consider them when I make my next move.

Beautifully written. Your post allowed me to appreciate the additional cost from a centralized design team, both in terms of the Company’s financial and social objectives. Furthermore, designers benefit from the proceeds reinvested while sharing their own personal stories. This further strengthens designer loyalty to the Company and encourages a continuous stream of innovative products. As the Company scales, I wonder if this diversity will frustrate demanding consumers or whether consumers would be willing to pay even more for the surprise and authenticity.