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Cool post, I hadn’t heard of this company prior to reading this. Similiar to Taiki, I wonder how Thredup plans to stand out agaisnt its more senior competitors and if there is an opportunity to expand into a less crowded men’s market?

On December 9, 2015, Dylan Jackson commented on Bonobos: Making Fit Happen :

Interesting read and cool company. I know they’ve experienced a lot of recent success but I wonder if they will be able to remain competitive in an e commerce market that is seems to be moving towards custom made clothing? Instead of carrying so many size and fit combinations, does it make sense to follow the crowd and go bespoke in the coming years?

On December 9, 2015, Dylan Jackson commented on Spirit Airlines and the Success of the Ultra-Low Cost Carrier :

It kind of surprises me how well this business model seems to be working. I had no idea that Spirit led the airline industry in EPS. It makes you wonder what other industries this kind of model could work on? Also, I had no idea that high asset utilization was such a focus for the company. I wonder how long that strategy is sustainable and if running the airplanes 12-13 hours a day leads to serious reliability problems as the planes start to age?